Why Trarvel?

Paper Maps? That's so 1980s.

Trarvel's unique Augmented Reality user interface helps you easily identify new places and attractions within your vicinity.

Got lost in a busy city? Never again!

Don't waste your time on navigation apps. Just look around with Trarvel.

Saw something beautiful? Trarvel it!

Trarvel makes you travel like a local knwoing the stories of city you're visitng!

How to Trarvel?

1 - Just open the app!

2 - Start exploring nearby places!

3 - Tap on anything you like!


  • Trarvel has made it easier for me to find out more about the various monuments and buildings around me when I'm out exploring. The AR tracking works very smoothly with almost no glitches whatsoever. Would recommend this app to any urban explorer or tourist.

    App Store User
  • There are so many fake AR apps on App Store and they have endless in app purchases. But Trarvel is the real AR app for tourists which has the best user experience so far! It's so handy that you don't even need to check maps and other apps to know what's around in London! Can't wait to see more features in the future!

    App Store User

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